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Save $100 of classes when you bundle them.

* $150-500 non-refundable deposits.

* Lash kits included

Add on courses

Grow your business and add on threading, tinting,

lash lift, brow Extensions, lower lashes extensions

to you credentials. These courses are 1 day 4 hours.

We will cover theory and practical, best techniques,

and marketing strategies to make you successful

Russian Volume 3D Lash Course


Being a successful lash artist means continuing to develop your skills

and techniques. Russian Volume 3D-5D Feathering is an advanced

technique, a great introduction to your salon or spa business that

will expand your existing lash menu, attract new customers,

upgrade existing ones, and increase your profit for this service.

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Microblading HD 3D Embroidery

An advanced technique designed to enhance, correct and improve

the appearance of sparse, or miss-shaped brows. Tiny incisions are

strategically placed, using a fine needled blade, that mimics the

natural hair growth pattern. Medical grade pigment is deposited in to

these tiny incisions, giving a appearance of a high definition brows.

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