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What Went Wrong Form
In order to resolve any concerns or problems you've experienced with your service we ask you please to fill out this form. This form will help us figure out what issues you are experiencing and how we can prevent this problem from happening in the future. We value our clients and will work to make it right. It is our mission to provide excellent
quality service in a relaxing luxurious environment.
to be filled out by client:
Did you have a pre-service consulation?
Were you provided with aftercare instructions?
Did you address any concerns prior to leaving?
Were your eyes sensitive or uncomfortable from previous service?
If so check all that apply?:
This section is for Lash Extension Fall out
Have you experienced lash loss of your natural lashes?
Have you experienced this problem before?
Did you wait 8-12 hours before wetting your lashes?
Do you wear eye makeup?
Which makeup applies to you:
Are your natural lashes attached to the hair extensions?
Do your prdoucts say oil free?
Is your eye makeup waterproof?
How would you describe your skin? Check all that apply:
Do you wash your lashes?

Thanks for submitting!

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